Accelerating climate solutions to secure a

Livable Planet

Our mission is to provide the capital, expertise and partnerships necessary to produce and scale vital and urgent climate solutions.

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Purpose Built for
Systems Change.

We have to accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy because winning slowly is the same as losing. If we do not rapidly cut our emissions, we risk triggering climate tipping points that would have irreversible consequences. Every moment counts. 

Galvanize Climate Solutions (“Galvanize”) was founded to be part of the solution. Galvanize combines investment, technical, policy, and communications expertise under one roof. We are  organized to create investment strategies across seed, venture, and expansion, to support companies vital to decarbonizing our society. Our investments will be amplified by the Galvanize suite of portfolio services, tailored to be relevant to companies critical to decarbonization.

Galvanize is committed to supporting our partners in the broader climate and climate justice movements, which will include directly contributing a portion of our profits.

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Proven Leadership & Experience

Tom Steyer


Katie Hall


Nicole Systrom Edited

Nicole Systrom

Chief Impact Officer

Christian Artmann Edited

Christian Artmann

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel


Sachi Blue-Smith

Chief People Officer


Kacy Gerst

VP of Science & Technology

Cliff Ryan

Co-Head, Innovation + Expansion Strategy

Veery Maxwell

Co-Head, Innovation + Expansion Strategy

Saloni Multani

Co-Head, Innovation + Expansion Strategy

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