Invest wisely. Act boldly.

Galvanize is an investment firm breaking down silos across science, policy, and business to achieve competitive returns and drive transformation.

Built with purpose.

Bringing together decades of business and investment experience, co-founders Tom Steyer and Katie Hall established Galvanize as an investment firm focused solely on climate solutions. Led by a world-class team of climate, investment, technical, policy, and communications leaders, Galvanize is purpose-built to catalyze the private sector and generate unstoppable momentum.


We believe you can earn compelling returns and achieve decarbonization by using the levers of the economic and financial systems.

Principles that guide us:

  • Climate focused.

    All Galvanize programs and projects will focus on the climate crisis and climate solutions. We will only engage with activities that advance progress on climate and enable outstanding returns.
  • Comprehensive.

    Galvanize will invest in strategies across the asset class spectrum, including seed, venture, infrastructure, and public equities.
  • Activist.

    Galvanize’s investment activities will be integrated with efforts to mobilize the private sector and promote systems change. We believe this activity will produce a self-reinforcing position of information, access, and effectiveness.
  • People-centered.

    We consider equity a critical factor in the climate transition. Galvanize investment strategies and advocacy efforts will take into account the human impacts across communities.
  • Collaborative.

    Galvanize will be an active ally and contributor to the broader climate movement. Galvanize itself and its founders will commit a portion of Galvanize profits to climate and climate justice organizations.

Meet the team.

We’re building an exceptional team with interdisciplinary backgrounds in climate, investment, corporate governance, business development, and innovation.

Meet Galvanize